5 good reasons which speak for Keller - Boat and Yacht Transports

Keller - Boat and Yacht Transports - A fair partnership and favourable conditions


Owner-operated family business: competent – flexible – reliable


Decades of experience with Europe-wide boat and yacht transport on land and on water


Optimal conditions with special transport fleet, own repair shop and winter storage


Cost advantages of using the company's BF3 escort vehicle


All-around Carefree Package including all necessary administrative procedures and special permits

Keller - Boat and Yacht Transports - A success story

Keller - Boat and Yacht Transports: "Flexibility and reliability are a matter of honour to us."

1997: The company Keller-Transporte was founded in 1997 by Rainer Keller.
He had already gained experience in international long-distance transport for over 15 years.

2000: Move into the new offices in Büchold.
A logistics department with generous storage space is set up.
Our area of expertise "Europe-wide boat and yacht transports" including winter storage is further expanded.

2008: Increased flexibility by building our own repair shop
With the construction of our own repair workshop in 2008, we were able to increase our flexibility and performance even further. In addition to scheduled transport, we have worked very intensively in the special field of boat transports and yacht transports.

2014: Purchase of a BFR escort vehicle for the protection of boat and yacht transports

Autumn 2015: New company headquarters in Fuchsstadt - next to highway A7:
New office building and new repair shop for special requirements
Large hangar for boat and yacht winter storage.

2018: Change of name to Keller Transporte GmbH & CO.KG
and admission of Alexander Keller to the management in order to regulate the succession and thus ensure the continuity of the company.

2021: Purchase of a large forklift to safely lift yachts on the premises.

2022: Enlargement of the fleet through the acquisition of an Austrian yacht transport company.

April 2023: Purchase of a new 3-axle Scania tractor with 660 hp.

August 2023: Acquisition of a second BF3 escort vehicle based on a Pössl camper.

Conquer new territories

We transport your boat or yacht to the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Balearic Islands, Sardinia and Capri

FAQs Interesting facts and tips about yacht transports

Which information do we need for a quote?

Please inform us about the length, width and height of your boat/yacht. Please give us the exact description and name of the shipyard. Very important are the pick up and destination berths, as well as your phone number and e-mail address in case we have any questions.

What are the deadlines and how much lead time do you need to consider?

For international boat transports, we require a lead time of at least 2 – 3 weeks. For national transports, we need at least 2 weeks.

Which documents do we need from you for your boat or yacht transport?

We need the ship files and the boat registration certificate. Also important are existing invoices for proof of VAT at customs.

Do I need special insurance for the transport?

If you wish, depending on its value, we can offer you an all-risk insurance for an additional surcharge.

How do I prepare my boat/yacht for the transport?

It is best to store all loose parts just like you would do it on rough water.
The mast and antennas should be dismantled or laid down.
Of course, we would also gladly do all of this for you.