BF3 escort vehicle for safety and for escorting heavy transports

A BF3 escort vehicle is necessary for securing heavy transports. This vehicle has the special equipment required to warn following traffic or to explore the roads to secure a smooth transport. (i.e. road width, headroom).

Cost advantage by using the company BF3 escort vehicle

We always strive to expand our range of services and to improve our cost structures. This is why, in 2014, we decided to acquire our own BF3 escort vehicle for the protection of boat and yacht transports.

This means that:

  • we do not need to pay for expensive BF3 escorts anymore.
  • we can now offer BF3 escorts to other companies.

We will pass on this cost advantage to our customers. We will gladly make you an offer!

The equipment of our BF3 escort vehicle includes:

  • BF3 with traffic signalisation unit,
  • Rotating beacon,
  • CB radio
  • Telephone,
  • Navigation system,
  • Laptop with internet access,
  • (Independent) vehicle heater,
  • Reflective foil, and
  • Camping equipment for the driver's comfort.
BF3 escort vehicle

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