Land transfer

We will take very good care of your boat or yacht. Transporting boats or yachts is the core business of our committed team. Our employees are absolutely competent within their area of expertise and especially trained to transport boats and yachts.

We transport your motor boat or your sailing yacht to your country or harbour of choice. If you wish, we will transport your boat or yacht with your own trailer and vehicle.

Our main destinations are:
Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and of course all of Germany.

The boat or yacht transport is totally stress-free for you!
You simply tell us the "when" and "where", and we will take care of the rest.

Benefit from our "All-around Carefree Package"!

Water transfer

Do you want to take your yacht to another harbour or country via water routes, but you simply do not have time? No problem, we will take care of that for you.

Our employees are internationally certified to operate pleasure crafts on inland waters and sea, and dispose as well of UBI (inland waterways) and SRC (short range) certificates for VHF telephony.

For larger yachts, you can rely on our experienced navy captain.
We will take care of all administrative procedures and will organise the necessary forms and permits.

Benefit from our comprehensive "All-around Carefree Package"!

Further information

Pick up from or delivery to the berth

Our experienced staff will pick up your boat or yacht from its berth and take it to the crane. After the boat or yacht has been transported and lifted back into the water, it will we be safely brought back to its berth and moored.

Insurance for the yacht transport

We will take care of all necessary types of insurance for the boat/yacht transport and all that it entails.

If you wish, we can insure your boat or yacht for a higher value than the usual transport insurance would cover.

  • National liability insurance of transport goods with 40 SDR per kg gross weight
  • International liability insurance of transport goods acc. to CMR with 8.33 SDR per kg gross weight

You can lean back and relax!

Transport permits / Special permits

We will take care of all administrative procedures and obtain all necessary special permits for the boat transport by road. You should not have to worry about that!

Customs formalities

Our comprehensive service package does, of course, also include all custom formalities for a smooth yacht transport.

Rigging and de-rigging

In order to comply with possible existing height and width guidelines, our trained staff will also take care of the disassembling and re-assembling for a safe yacht transport.

Boat and yacht transport

We have been successful in the boat and yacht transport business for more than a decade. We do our best! Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

You can always rely on our expert knowledge and our experience.

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